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In general, you could say that all spells give you power. The power to make money, the power to get someone to fall in love with you, the power to succeed, etc. But in this section I am talking about power itself, the sort of power a master has over a slave, the sort of power a dictator has over his country, etc. Power for power's sake.

At the risk of appearing to be trying to make a bad pun; you need powerful magic to obtain power. And if not handled properly, that can be dangerous. You really need to know what you are doing before you try any power spells.

On other pages of this website I have given you one or two spells that anyone can use. These are all easy safe spells, with no danger. I have then given you a link to a book with stronger spells. But I'm afraid it is not really safe for me to give you power spells here, any fool can read this site and use the spells. You may be a sensible person to whom it is safe to give a power spell, but the next person to read this page may not be. Remember - as well as sensible people like you surfing the Internet, there are also a lot of idiots out there, and some of those idiots will be reading this page. So I will simply give you a link to a book with the spells in it.

The reason for giving you the link is twofold:

Firstly, the book goes into great details about the dangers, in much greater detail that I can here, so you can read it carefully and decide for yourself how to proceed.

Secondly, the book costs money. Not a lot, so the serious student of witchcraft can easily afford it, and will want to buy it. But the idiot who has had one too many beers on a Saturday night and is looking for a couple of spells to do "for a laugh" will not bother. This means the sensible people will buy the books, and the fools won't.

So if you really want to look into power spells (and maybe cast a few), you can get the book if you Click Here.

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